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Our model for ICT integration into the primary school curriculum formalises the nine elements which we believe make up the basis for successful ICT project-based learning. It takes educational pedagogy and proven theory and exemplifies it with student worksamples. Its adaptability enables any teacher to take it and apply it to any subject area, be it at K-12 or tertiary level.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Introduction to our model of successful ICT integration

Successful utilisation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) lies not only with innovative teachers but also with a high level of ICT resources and support personnel. Our school has created a culture where an activity-orientated learning environment is provided. Students use the computer as a means of expressing themselves in a nonlinear, multimodal approach: selecting their own pathways, setting goals and having control over their work in progress. Our students demonstrate a consistently increasing degree of autonomy over the computer, choosing creative and individual ways of exploring and generating multimedia projects.

On reflection of ICT use at Abbotsleigh Junior School, we noted 9 common factors in successful classroom projects/activities which integrated technology and the curriculum. These elements are interconnected and led to our Jigsaw model of project-based learning.


Blogger Ley said...

After being involved with ICT and education for many years we began reflecting on why our colleagues were so successful.

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Blogger Lee AJS said...

Our school commits a large proportion of funding to technology. Here in the K-6 campus, we have computers housed in a computer lab and library annex; 4 desktops are available for each class and are located in their classroom computer pod; a trolley of 12 laptops is available for classroom borrowing; and each staff member is allocated a laptop. However, our facilities are by no means a unique ICT installation in a school. We think our distinctiveness lies more with the school’s financial commitment to personnel and infrastructure. The network, software and intranet are up-to-date and sophisticated. Hardware for students and staff is regularly rolled-over and technical repairs and maintenance are relatively speedy. To provide this level of support, we have a K-12 IT team of 7 full-time technical and programming staff as well as a Director of Technology. For curriculum and staff support, we have 4 ICT integrators, of which Lesley and I are the K-6 component.

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